For female therapists, psychologists, yoga teachers and all women interested in learning a Self-Care program designed specifically for women. Learn to take care of you first. Especially if you are taking care of many others. You will leave this training feeling clear, revitalized, supported…and inspired. The skills, techniques and creativity cultivated in this training will become a gift to share with your female clients, patients, students, family and friends.

The 50 Hour Women’s Self-Care Training includes daily Women’s Self-Care Education, Women’s Yoga and Self-Care Rituals as well as one-on-one counseling sessions. This unique course is recommended for personal development and professional development — offering international certification through Yoga Alliance and High Vibe Yoga to teach Women’s Self-Care Informed Yoga – with refinements in women’s psychology, physiology, sexuality & spirituality at the 50 hour level.

Course Content

~Enjoy a fresh and honest education about women’s sexuality, physicality, psychology and spirituality.

~Learn Yoga practices designed specifically for the female body and psyche.

~ Discover the mind blowing difference between the his-tory & her-story of femininity and how it effects us today as women. 

~ Explore a fun and easy to understand re-education in female sexual anatomy, pleasure and pain.

~ Dive into the surprising new science and spirituality of sexuality, menarche, pregnancy, peri-menopause & menopause.

~ Experience women specific ritual and ceremony for major life transitions, loss and initiations including abortion, miscarriage, menopause, break ups and divorce, birth, marriage and menarche.  

~Come into alignment with pelvic care and breast care.  I’ve seen over and over again, women healing themselves or improving their conditions of chronic yeast infections, bladder or vaginal infections, menstrual pain, numbness, prolapse, birth wounding, low libido, dryness caused by menopause, vulvodynia and painful sex. Move things that are unaligned out of the system with these easy to understand pelvic and breast care practices that remove shame, guilt and fear and boost the female energy body, pleasure and aliveness.

~Develop your healthy boundaries. Learn to feel grounded and stay in your body when saying yes and no to family, lovers, friends and colleagues.

~Learn to sense where the sexual organs are located in the body — and what they are capable of! Understand why women’s emotions, menstruation and energy levels work in cycles and how to work with these cycles.

~Incorporate the the lunar cycles into your daily life. For many women this facilitates clear decision making, a deep trust and connection with nature and access to a nature based calendar that reveals when to work, plan and be social and when to reserve energy, retreat and rest.

~Experience and understand the nature of your breath with very gentle sessions of Connected Breathwork. Open-mouth, conscious and connected breathing naturally releases dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the brain. This can create expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs.

~Learn self-care rituals extracted from ancient female honoring Tantric texts that replenish the female nervous system, harmonize breath patterns, soothe the sexual organs, release old trauma and tension in the body and boost the female psyche. These rituals are respectful of the various cycles in a woman’s life and body which is crucial to female vitality, self-respect and spiritual empowerment. 

~Experience and learn how to create and guide honest, intimate and inspiring Women’s Circles for your friends, family & community.

~Gain an honest and simple to understand foundation in women specific trauma using current brain research, and practices using movement, breath, sound and focus.

~Learn to sense when women may need additional mental physical and emotional support and discover who is available and working in these fields.

~Discover and experience various herbs and natural medicines that gently heal, restore and sooth the female body, mind and spirit.

~Many women say they feel that their throat is blocked. Investigate a surprising history of the female voice and free your own natural voice with powerful vocal practices designed for the female body, mind and spirit.

Training includes: One-on-one counseling, pre/post training online educational support and daily breakfast.

This training will certify you to guide Women’s Self-Care Informed Yoga workshops and classes at the 50 hour level. You will graduate with the skills to offer women’s circles, movement/breath/sound sequences for women with Yoga, non-traditional modalities complimentary to the tradition of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditations for the female psyche, special writing exercises, partner work and basic educational material in women’s psychology, physiology, sexuality and spirituality. 


Emily Kuser 2016 © Heather Bonker-2Emily Kuser– Founder of High Vibe Yoga 

Emily Kuser is an audacious educator, women’s health advocate and founder of High Vibe Yoga which is celebrating more than 500+ graduates in 30 countries. She is dedicated to offering a fresh and honest approach to spirituality, sexuality, psychology and philosophy. Emily has a reputation for ‘shaking things up’ and for curating world-class international faculty for her courses. She offers Women’s SelfCare Trainings at the 25, 50 and 200 HR level as well as a 300 HR Sex, Death & Wealth Informed Yoga Training. She has a natural gift for creating supportive learning environments that feel incredibly heartfelt and welcoming, transformative and fun. Her work is deeply influenced by the fields of Classical Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Somatics and Integrated Sexuality. Emily has lived in Ubud, Bali full time for over 12 years and teaches her Yoga Trainings and Women’s SelfCare Trainings at The Yoga Barn and internationally.

Daily Program

8:30-10:30 AM Women’s Self-Care Practices 

10:30-12 PM Brunch, rest, massage, swim or write

12-2 PM  Yoga Nidra or Somatic Movement leading into a fresh and surprising education in women’s psychology, physiology sexuality and spirituality. 

2-2:30 PM Break

2:30-5:00 PM Women’s Self-Care Education, Rituals, Pelvic & Breast Care and/or Somatic Movement

Includes 2 Special Evening Events

7:30-8:30 PM 

~ First day begins at 8:30 AM & Final day ends at 5:00 PM


Participation in our pre & post training Facebook Group preparation and completion tasks.

The pre-training Facebook Group begins 1 week prior to the training start date and includes preparatory tasks for the training. New applications are welcomed during this time.

The post-training tasks will end 2 weeks after the final day of the training.

The Facebook Group can be joined at anytime.

These hours are included in the 50 Hour Training certificate. You must have a Facebook account to participate and must complete all pre and post training tasks to receive certification.

Recommended reading (optional)

-Burning Woman by Lucie Pearce

-Wild Power by Alexandra Pope

-Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christine Northrup M.D.

-Medicine Woman by Lucie Pearce

-Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski Ph.D

-Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

-Meditation Secrets For Women by Camille Maurine

-The Woman’s Yoga Book by Bobby Clennell





Rates Include

  • International certification through Yoga Alliance and High Vibe Yoga to teach Women’s Self-Care Informed Yoga – with refinements in women’s psychology, physiology, sexuality & spirituality at the 50 hour level.
  • Space and time to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the company of other women
  • Special surprise gift from Emily for Pelvic Care
  • Light Breakfast – fresh fruits, coconut yogurt, homemade granola and juices, coconuts, chai, matcha and herbal teas
  • 1 week of pre-training tasks with Emily via Facebook Group
  • 2 weeks of post-training tasks with Emily via Facebook Group
  • Professional education on women’s psychology, physicality & spirituality


The Women’s Self-Care Training made me feel so inspired and alive and full of love for myself and other women. It gave me new insights that totally shifted the way I look at myself and I learned tools to continue this work in my every day life. Some experiences were spiritually very strong, it felt like pure magic and made me feel magical. I am so grateful to have had this experience and to have shared it with a group of wonderful women that I will remember for ever. ~Jenny, Sweden

Emily is one of the most graceful and respectful teachers I have met around the yoga world. I didn’t really know what to expect from the training. I only knew it was the right time for me to do it as I felt a deep curiosity and need to explore more deeply what in the yoga world was there for me as a woman and as a yogini. Emily’s training allowed me to explore what it means nowadays to be a woman for me, how to take care of myself and how to feel more empowered and more in myself. And I really mean it. I had worked with Emily before having done my YTT with her, so I knew that she was going to hold a space where each of us could feel supported and inspired, but this training went even beyond my expectations. It transpired the love Emily puts in what she does, the research and work she has done in the women’s world (never I felt a question went unanswered or left open) and the respect she has for every woman she works for. She helps women to find their magic, it’s just as easy as that! 🙂  ~Elisa, Italy

When I decided to take this journey with Emily , I had no idea what to expect. I have no words to describe how truly empowering this process was . I cannot thank Emily enough , for allowing me to reconnect with myself as a strong powerful woman . I am Beyond excited to share what she has taught me with other women in my life and community . A truly special program , which I cannot recommend highly enough. ~Janie, New Zealand

“I took part of Emily’s Women’s Self-Care Training in 2017 in India. At first when looking into it I had unsure feelings, whether it is for me and if this is what I am actually looking for. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for but I felt that I needed something to nurture me on a very deep level. I felt a craving to boost myself; and not only by doing yoga daily and eating healthy food but I wanted some more insight into myself and come out of the training with a new perspective. The training truly did exceed my expectations: partly because I didn’t know what to expect and I went into it like a blank sheet of paper, but also because Emily and other mentors knowledge goes beyond what is taught to us. They gather their knowledge from various different sources combining it to a very rich curriculum. In my honest opinion every woman should experience it. It is a vital training for any woman. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we did yoga, we shared our vulnerable sides and also strengths, we all supported each-other and everything was welcomed. Unexpected things get opened up in this training: and everything happens in a most warm, friendly and healthy environment. The expression “emotional safety” reached a whole new level for me. This training shifted my perspective on myself as a woman and changed my life.” -Anna-Maria, Switzerland

“I had never been to a retreat before and the information about Emily’s course came unexpected, but somehow resonated and touched my heart. It was one of the bests things that ever happened to me! In the beautiful Goa, surrounded by colors and sounds, I learned to see more, feel more and understand more. The course opened places in my mind and heart and made me face my fears and understand my beauty. Day after day, in an atmosphere of safety and trust, we shared experiences and feelings and talked about what women seem to be about. I connected with the Universe, nature, with others, but most importantly with myself. Samata retreat itself was amazing – cheerful, happy and standard is great. I am definitely coming back to continue the journey.” -Magda, Netherlands

“Emily’s Self-Care for Women course has been utterly transformational for me. I’m still discovering the full impact of what I learned nine months after the experience. When I first heard about the course, I was at Emily’s women’s circle in Ubud. Something in me leapt, and I knew I had to be there. As the time for the course approached, I started to question that decision. Didn’t I already have a great self-care practice? Did I really need this? Something in me said yes, and I’m glad I listened! The entire time I was there, I felt lovingly enveloped in a community of incredible women. One of the most important things I learned was that entering spaces of pleasurable safety can be a catalyst for immense growth. It was a huge shift for me to see that I could stretch my comfort zone far more easily and joyfully than I thought possible when I felt safe, held, and loved. Most importantly, I learned to listen to myself, trust myself, and feel gratitude for the phenomenal gift it is to be a woman and to be a part of a community of women. Emily has created an incredible offering in this course, and I want every woman I know to experience it!”  ~ Cait, USA