High Vibe is the best thing I have ever done and experienced. it is my greatest and most proudest achievement. High vibe teacher training has enabled me to grow at an amazing speed, to heal pain and be able to dream again. I feel so empowered by this course and it is the best experience I have ever had to date. ~Carla, Ireland

High Vibe is a great 200 hr training which exceeded my expectations in many ways. The community that Emily creates and the people she brings together are one-of-a-kind and made my experience better than I could ever imagine. Emily is an excellent teacher and yogini. Her views on yoga, self-care and women really resonated with me because she keeps it so real and pure. I would highly recommend this training to ANYONE looking at becoming a teacher or just deepening their practice. Betsy, AU

Whoa. So, that was a mindblowing experience! I thought I was just coming to learn a bunch of yoga poses! Instead, it has been a joyous, painful, and awakening journey inwards. Yes, I learned a lot about asana as well, and feel prepared to teach a yoga class (or meditation or mantra for that matter), but this time was far more than I ever expected. Emily’s positive energy is contagious, and her authenticity invites people to grow in ways they didn’t expect. The teachers she brings in for the other modules are spectacular – I overlooked them when singing up, but they make each part of the training come alive. Thank you, Emily, for this awesome experience. Shelby, US

People hope their YTT will be life changing. They often don’t know how, or why, but it seems to be the common desired outcome. This training will crack you open in the most gentle way, and then tenderly and carefully and with such love, piece you back together. You’ll leave as a stronger, more resilient, more beautiful version of yourself. ~ Kirsty, Canada

Why High Vibe Yoga? I simply can’t describe it in one review. Certainly, it transforms your life, but I’m still not sure how. You just not the same as you used to be. Maybe it cultivates self-love and acceptance? Or maybe for the month I have been in Shala I have learned compassion all teachers have shared with us? I’m still processing my experience… The biggest things I will be carrying out from the training is the realization that all the answers are within me and second, I want to be “turned on” by every minute of my life. Thank you Emily and all the Teachers for making a difference! 🙂 ~Maria, US


The High Vibe retreat was life changing. I went to Bali hoping to relax, de-stress and do some yoga. While that was achieved, the retreat offered soooo much more. I have a truckload of
gratitude to Megan and Emily for all that I have learned through
the amazing work that they do.I came into the retreat really closed off to the world. I had so many walls built to keep people away, thinking I was strong because no one could hurt me. In the retreat, I learnt that real strength is about having the courage to let people in. It was amazing connecting with everyone on the retreat and I feel really lucky to have been a part of a group where everyone was open and honest. It was a magical experience, and I feel that I am truly living better as a result. ~Evonne, Australia

Wow! What an amazing experience! A week away in Bali with high vibe yoga classes & food,wonderful teachers and an opportunity to make wonderful friendships. If you have been feeling tired, lacking in energy, need a week away to lift your spirits then get your butt to Bali and join Emily & Bex to feel renewed, energized and catch some seriously high vibes. I so needed this week away and am so grateful for the manifestation of this wonderful retreat. I will be back!!!   ~Sharon – Gold Coast, Australia

I have just come back from an amazing, inspirational time with a bunch of fantastic women from all over the world. Emily and Bex are tireless in their care and effort to ensure not just the yoga is amazing, but the food, location and entire “yogic” experience. I will be coming back next year!Thanks for giving me the “me time” I so desperately needed with alot of brilliant, strengthening yoga, in a fab piece of paradise. ~ Emma – Sydney, Australia

“High Vibe was fantastic. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a different kind of holiday with a love of all things yoga. Emily and Megan are both excellent and experienced teachers and they did a wonderful job of bringing the group together and connecting with everybody on a personal level. The yoga practices were challenging and varied allowing everyone to explore their strengths and weaknesses and push beyond their edge, all while having loads of fun and lots of laughs! The food and the accommodation were all amazing as well. Made some really wonderful friends and I think we all inspired each other in our own way during our week together and will definitely keep in touch. An unforgettable experience.” Olly, Australia

The High Vibe Yoga Retreat was an amazing experience from start to finish. The location, teachers, supporting community guests, schedule of events and yoga were the highest quality that anyone could ask for. Emily and her community truly embody the spirit of yoga. They meet each individual exactly where they are at on all levels and gently encourage them to explore possibilities for growth. I highly recommend this retreat if you want your heart to expand and to leave with a smile on your face and spring in your step. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible! ~Sarah – Calgary, Canada

It was a inspirational week in Ubud with Emily, Bex, Ashley, Cathy, Philip and others.  A competent, loving and creative group of friends who came together with the purpose of creating an experience of diverse yoga styles meditations and more.. Emily and Bex are excellent teachers and helped us to get into the various positions (asanas) and offered us advice for our personal aches and pains. The location of Ubud, the full moon, the energy, the enjoyment of meeting new people, the philosophy talks and the dance session with Cathy and last but not least the outstanding cuisine and workshops of Ashley and her helper Putu are unforgettable.  The acro yoga was indeed exciting! I felt safe and cared for in a lovely and comfortable setting. This high vibe yoga retreat has a special charm. The knowledge and loving kindness of Emily, Bex and Ashley were beyond expectation. An experience which I will be likely to repeat and highly recommend to others. To conclude I would say: High Vibe Yoga is really a Labour of Love! ~Sandra – Amsterdam/Bali

This week was truly inspiring to me – I have never met so many fantastic people with so much love to share. I am so grateful that you 3 girls, Emily, Bex and Ashley opened up so much to us. That was not required of you but it made me able to open up as well. This retreat has helped me find my self again (even though I still have a long journey ahead of me) and it has set my priorities straight. I know it will be a challenge to retain and nurture this feeling now when I am back home, but you have given me so many tools to work with and so much inspiration, that I am now sure it is doable =) I will strive to retain yoga practice as part of my everyday life. Many hugs to all of you, and a great thank you for making this week so special, I hope one day our roads will cross again. ~ Sophia, Denmark

This was a beautiful week of great food, people, and yoga in an amazing paradise like setting. The yoga classes were diverse and run by great knowledgeable and passionate teachers. My love and knowledge of yoga has deepened and I feel very happy and relaxed after such a fun, relaxing and strengthening week.  ~Pam – London, UK

It has been good to come back to Bali and I feel more at peace with myself for having done so. I wonder why I waited so long and let it become a problem. I made a promise to myself to always face the things I fear the most, as soon a possible.

Thank you all of you for making the week we spent together such a precious and revealing experience.
~Barbara – Kenya, Africa

Energy flow rekindled with gratitude,
Inspiration for teachings
The weight of concealment, gone…
Replaced by raw compassion, happiness, blessings, breath
Attitude of chocolate ball prana!
Dreams full of monkey love,
Connection with creation
Caged primal energy released,
My sisters, thank you,
For coming together in celebration, dedication, meditation,
High Vibrations! ~Rebecca, USA/Indonesia

I arrived a middle-aged, fairly inflexible guy, dragging my hidden wagon of baggage behind me. I had full intentions of orbiting the experience like an ethnographer with a notebook, gathering ideas, analyzing and returning to report. What I didn’t expect was deep personal transformation, feeling loved, and a notebook full of personal resolutions that will change my life and the lives of my students forever. Emily and Bex, you made a dent in my universe and for that I will forever be grateful. Words are not adequate— please imagine me looking deep into your eyes and sending you pure love vibes. ~Bob, US

I just quit my job right before this retreat. I needed something to clean my head and to clear my vision. I had so many anxieties in my mind about future, relationship and being a mother and it really bothered me. After the retreat I found out that it’s really hard to be a different person. I ‘m still me. I still have many anxieties and still have difficulties with relationships but the difference is that I know myself better now. I become to know something about myself I didn’t even expect from me. I was still struggling with my past that I thought that I had overcome. Big advance for me. Thank you so much. Emily, Bex, Ashely and all the retreat buddies.  ~ Yun, Korea

I enjoyed every minute of this amazing retreat, I felt at home from the first day, I made amazing connections with every people of the retreat including the inspiring teachers. I learned a lot about my own self. I would recommend to all level of experience as a relieving and full of love experience! ~ Sebastien, Montreal, CA


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  1. Emily Coady says:

    Emily and Bex are two very incredible individuals. Their yoga classes were unlike any I have taken before. They are true yogis in every sense of the word. I couldn’t get enough of their wisdom and spiritual guidance. Everything about this retreat was amazing. You could honestly feel love all around at all times. Thank you for inspiring me and helping step outside my comfort zone! I am forever grateful!! ~ Emily, Nova Scotia, CA

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