Emily Kuser– Founder of High Vibe Yoga

Emily has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching yoga for 8. She has studied thousands of hours with incredibly respected Anusara, Shadow, Ashtanga and Jivamukti instructors worldwide. Emily has lived in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for over 5 years teaching yoga at many establishments including The Yoga Barn as well as to Balinese children and their families throughout Ubud. As one of the managers for the incredible Bali Spirit Festival,  an epic festival of dance, yoga and music, Emily has assisted in the management of over 400 world musicians, global yogis, respected meditation gurus, scholars and dancer from every corner of the world. Prior to living in Indonesia, she was a writer for LA Yoga magazine in Los Angeles, CA covering community projects and interviewing yogis while teaching regular yoga classes along the California coast. Emily loves to weave storytelling, proper alignment and high vibes into her yoga teachings.

Bex Tyrer, Scotland – High Vibe Yoga co-teacher

With a background in Development studies, journalism and social work, Bex’s approach to yoga is one that honors the need for individual self study with the aim of improving interpersonal relations and communication. Bex has studied yoga asana, meditation, pranayama and philosophy since 2001. After completing her Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharmasala, India, Bex teaches group and private classes in a wide range of environments from the slums of Kolkata to the paradise of Bali. Teaching a diverse selection of styles including her ‘full power celebration of life’ Hatha Vinyasa Flow to the much gentler and nourishing Yin and Restorative yoga. She is also studying a unique combination of partner yoga combined with acrobatics and thai massage to focus on themes of trust, communication and social unity. Bex believes yoga has something for everyone. Her belief in a common humanity is reflected through her original yoga classes where she shares lessons learned while building upon inspirational themes of cooperation, peace and justice. She works to bring the study of yoga off the mat and into the practice of life.

249178_10200751491365757_586550672_nNanna Wagner – Copenhagen, Denmark – Co-teacher December 10-14, 2013

Nanna Wagner is a Copenhagen based yoga teacher though her curiosity and desire to know more often brings her around the world. Her teaching style is playful, challenging and heart opening. She invites you to step fully into your pactice as she uses her knowledge on the physical body to create a space where students can explore, evolve and become a even better version of what they already are! Her intention is to connect the individual with the universal, and use yoga to bring people together. With three other European yoga teachers she has created the concept ”European Yogi Nomads” which several times each year gathers hundreds of people from different countries to sweat, laugh and take their yoga to new nights. When she is not on the move or in the middle of creating new events she teaches at Hamsa Yoga Studio, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

yogaamberAmber Whittier – San Francisco, CA – co-teacher June 14-20, 2013

Amber has dedicated her life energy toward the study and teaching of optimal health practices. To inform her work as a wellness educator and entrepreneur, she has attained over 1600 certified training hours in the healing arts, including a 1000-hr massage therapy diploma and 250 hours of Anusara Yoga teacher training with Darren Rhodes, Sianna Sherman, and Abby Tucker.  Amber discovered yoga in 2000, while teaching dance & English in Thailand.  Since that first fateful meeting, she has continuously credited her entire yoga practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mantra, and ahimsa for asking the most from her in her efforts to be flexible, strong, mindful, skillful, and present for the work she offers to her clients. Her vast wellness work spans 13 years of teaching in the US, France, and Thailand, managing a fitness club and a medical injury rehabilitation program, mentoring boutique wellness start-ups, creating an active lifestyle eco-friendly clothing brand, and most recently coordinating the EHR training of 3000 clinical  hospital workers in the California Bay Area. In her upbeat big-hearted classes, Amber offers creative sequencing supported by her expertise in purposeful, therapeutic alignment work. Her work focuses on two main intentions: First meet the present with gratitude and respect. Then safely and playfully move through perceived limitations in favor of fueling the pulse of your potential. http://about.me/amberwhittieryoga

Megan Flamer – Australia – co-teacher Aug & Nov 2012

Megan is constantly searching for new and delicious ways to expand and shape her practice and teaching. She first came to yoga in 1999 through an injury and discovered the magic that was possible through meditative movement. Since completing her 500 hour Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne in 2006, Megan has taught extensively in Australia and Thailand, as well as Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Ireland and Sri Lanka. With a background in Ashtanga, Megan has also studied the Iyengar and Sivananda traditions and practiced at Yoga Thailand, Blooming Lotus with Lily Goncalves and studied under Les Leventhal, Nicky Knoff and Simon Borg Olivier, to name a few. In the past three years, Megan has vigorously pursued training in vipassana, mindfulness meditation and tantra and teaches a flexible mix of traditions.  She is a great believer that yoga is not a “one size fits all” practice, always looking for the best possible pose and approach for each individual student. Megan is also an accomplished writer and broadcaster with a gift for clear communication. Her teaching style is pragmatic, comprehensive and down to earth – and always has an element of fun. Megan’s energy and enthusiasm will inspire you in new and exciting directions.


Kate Beckel – Istanbul, Turkey – High Vibe Yoga Co-teacher February 2012

Kate is an Anusara Inspired yoga teacher honored to be currently teaching yoga in Istanbul, Turkey. She began practicing yoga in New York City at Jivamukti Yoga 10 years ago. She has since been studying  under many gifted and amazing teachers. Though Kate has studied a variety of different styles in Hong Kong, Europe and the U.S., she focused most of her training with Chris Chavez in Anusara. She was drawn to Anusara due to its elegant yoking of clear alignment instruction and uplifting philosophy. Kate has been deeply influenced by John Friend, Sarah Powers, Patrick Creelman, Chris Chavez, Jules Febres, Shelle Jackson and Tias LIttle among many others (pretty much everyone she knows.). She has also trained in yoga therapeutics with John Friend, founder of Anusara, and Yogilates with Johnathan Urla.  She plays music during her class and hopes they are challenging,as well as playful. They sometimes flow, sometimes are more workshopy. Either way, she will encourage you to work hard while focusing on breathing, opening, and curiosity of body and self. She believes that practicing yoga with awareness, love, gratitude and forgiveness can be a path to healing body,heart and mind.


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